Had a bit of an idea

I was drawing some sigils earlier and I had an idea. The Sigil I’ve drawn is for evocation, but there is a slight twist. I won’t say what the twist is yet as it may influence the results people get.
All need people to do is power up the Sigil and make a note of the time they did it. ( I’m in the UK, so that could be an issue when it comes to time zones but we’ll see).
Here is the Sigil:


Careful people. Sending your power into a sigil that someone else has created without understanding it’s purpose is generally a very risky idea. Make sure you trust the poster completely before you do it.


Excellent point by @valkarath.
I can clarify further if people like, but it could influence results

why was i amused by this

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Hehe yeah, I did kinda slag myself off there


Nothing personal.

Just thought of all the nasty shit I could do with that and figured I’d offer the warning.

Hell, I could even tell them it’s for one purpose and use it for whatever I wanted.

That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to trust the people you do any form of a working with.


mhmmmmmm. id love to hear the results from you sigil, hell i might help :slight_smile:

Here is my interpretation of the sigil:

It reminds me of those old TV antennas (rabbit ears). I miss the old analog TV sets. The white noise, the static, the struggle to get a clear signal. Television just seemed more organic back then. These are some of the impressions I’m getting.

I’ll post an update of any results.

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