Hacking into someone’s body

So I thought I’d make a thread to teach you all something that I discovered on my own. A method to climb inside someone’s body easily. I learned and discovered this when I was working against an ass hole. I was doing reconnaissance at this point first if you will. And I think he definitely knew what I did.

So basically I was outside (and I’d say you’d be better off with this if you can already soul travel at ease). So I closed my eyes sitting down. And I saw this ass hole sitting down in his living room playing with his tarot cards. I then proceeded to take a look at his chakras. This is how I personally saw everything.

The very top one being the third eye was my target. I proceeded to project into that swirly ball of light and everything went black for a second. Then I opened my eyes in the astral realm and it was like I opened his eyes. Now I don’t know if I actually manipulated his physical eye movement or not. Maybe I did maybe I didn’t. But I could see what he was seeing. I could move my head to look around as his head. I could hear his thoughts. I could hear his heart beating all of the above. I searched for what I was looking for in his room (yes I didn’t have to climb into his body to do this but I just wanted to add some torment to it so why not). And this was extremely draining. I left his body returning to mine And I collapsed on the ground out of breath extremely tired.

  • I’d like to ask anyone more experienced if you think I just spied on him through his perspective or if I really turned him into a puppet on strings. Cause I’m still not sure what exactly that was but it was still effective for my job I needed done.

  • warnings.

Please don’t do this if they have deities you’ll probably get a boot up your ass. Or there ancestors may have something to say. This ass hole didn’t work with any deities as he claimed he did so I made it in safely.

Anyway hope you guys enjoy. Be careful with this.


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This is some cool UPG, did you get any verification from the person at all?

Why you’d want to climb inside an asshole I can’t imagine! :joy:

Seriously, what’s interesting is the lack of empathy here, normally when you blend with someone well enough you feel them, you resonate with the and it lets you understand them as if they were you. That’s what having empathy is. This understanding tends to remove the animosity and will to harm them as you realise you made all those decisions yourself when you were them. We tend to forgive ourselves these things.

This implies what you did was pass through his body, like a ghost would, but not enter into his system, you stayed external. You did not possess the system as your own so you did not become him.

Sounds like you gave him your energy, or the fight it took to trespass on his space was a lot of effort. He has the high ground, so to speak, so it would be an effort with him fighting you not helping you. This is why when we are parasitised it’s inevitable that we will be able to eject the being as long as we have not been weakened too much.

Its also possible he sensed it as an attack and did what I do to those, and drained you on purpose, or you triggered his wards and protections but they were invisible to you. What you see is not what you get. You only see what you are capable of recognising. You’d have to do this a few more times to different people, ideal friends who can give feedback, to know if this is normal for you or you got retaliation.

We just don’t know unless you can get it verified from him, that he opened his physical/astral eyes when you did, that that wasn’t coincidence, or your imagination. It’s probably ideal to find a partner to practice this work with to build up experience that can be verified.

Did you get any sense that he noticed you at all?

:thinking: Sounds like dogma… It’s best not to assume for other people what their entity contacts will do, they can do that for themselves just fine. :+1:

I don’t know if you can say that. Again we don’t know if you were working on a copy of this guy in your personal astral (imagination) or the actual dude even. Or if they’d care. Doesn’t sound like you were doing any harm, just nosing around and exhausting yourself in the process.