Hackers anty- rituals

Hello,recently i was ? Going2bcme,a hijacking # more,i knw about faceless thieves,which are posted here,now,how do i get a link,just write their numbers,letters,or anything link to them, i been tnking of under a seal,and call a spirt,demon,ir a doll baptized, on hand writng,bcse wen tey left ya 0 in ya account ya will cry,alot,i knw some peplz here,who are famouses,so tey may see tis post,and reforce their. Computer,phones,etc,it hapoen2me,

Fuck it zorrito! Thats simply impossible to read…

I think he wants to know if the actions of a hacker who steals money by hacking a phone or computer are enough of a link to send them some nasty mojo.

And that his phone or computer was hacked and so he’s also warning us to be more careful.

Or maybe it’s a recipe for cake, I mean really, who knows? :wink:

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Did you ever get a link to the thieves?