Haask invocation was different

I research most of the spirits that I come across. I didn’t see any posts about Haask on the forum so I decided to share my experience.

Haask is from Koetting’s book Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence. A spirit of ascent, he will give the magician the tools and weapons of the gods.

At this point today, I am desperate for help. Someone very close to me feels as though he is actively cursing me, slandering me to my loved ones telepathically… this happens more regularly than I would ever want to even admit. I am often desperate for help from this because it is a pervasive dynamic. It comes in waves and today’s wave of petty, evil hexing was immense. He is a strong telepath and so am I, so when we get into it, I often ask for the help of spirits to end the witch war, only for the intensity to lessen while the dynamic lingers, comes and goes

This dynamic has made me question if this person was a narcissist, but what I also suspected is that this was a part of a curse that was put on me, or rather us, and I was absolutely right. I was validated by another spirit, Ismaelta, who did a lot of heavy lifting yesterday with it, but I still didn’t have what it took to really end it, i have been searching for the answer to this half of a year. I asked for Ismaelta to go to the source of this negativity and what I saw was a servitor created by my ex who cursed me. Ismaelta smashed into and it fell apart like a ton of bricks, which was relieving but didn’t completely get it

I have been looking for protection and defense. Protection and defense magick was not working, no from the goetia or any angel, so I turned to Koettings ascent spirits. Haask handed me this style of knife. A curved blade with a short handle, I used this knife to push back on what felt inflamed in the astral. I took away the astral power of the force with this knife. He literally gave me a weapon to fight with.

I invoked Haask again to thank him. He gave me a necklace of protection. It’s like made of white astral pearls. It protects my head space, forming a sheath over me like a scuba diving mask.

Today was different. I’m feeling so relieved of the chaotic fuckery that was attached to me and it feels like it’s solved. Haask is amazing. He literally gave me tools and weapons. I am so grateful right now.

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