H. R. Giger

Just an art or something more?
Any thoughts?

Thank you


As far as I know, he didn’t like to give answers, and his explanations were so “artistic”.

Take a look at this (from an interview):
jk: OK, good. And you may recall our discussion yesterday about the guillotine blade and how that seemed to be the Magician’s tool but this is not mentioned. And in the Taschen text, in the English version, they don’t even mention this image in the background. Akron talks about steps, but not about the pyramid. So you intended this figure to look Mayan?

Giger: Yes.

jk: What’s interesting, and I don’t know if you’re aware of this or thought about this in the context of the choice of this image for this card, but the steps leading up the pyramid remind us of the blood sacrifice, the removal of the heart, and there is the solar aspect of this, the worship and feeding of the Sun. This is also a part of the occult tradition we find in the discussions of the Fool card. Did you know this when Akron chose this image for this card?

Giger: No.

jk: Again, I don’t know if perhaps he mentioned this in the longer text and it just didn’t make it to the English version, do you?

Giger: No, I don’t know.

jk: There’s again a symmetry in this Fool image, a cross at the bottom, a St. Andrew’s cross, several crossing elements.

Giger: Crosses in this painting? I don’t remember.


Fractal repeating patterns and a lot of symbolism of the feminine as both creator, and devourer, some pretty good stuff but also a bit disturbing.

I’d rate him up there with Kitaro in terms of modern-day artists who touch on aspects of the spiritual.


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Giger, as a young man met Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Aldous Huxley, Salvador Dali and many other from the occult aristocracy.

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His paintings are said to have occult significance (in fact he was in a documentary about the occult) and he said that his mother kept encouraging him to paint. Personally, it seems like his paintings are similar to my non-lucid dreams; they are dark, kind of strange and complex.


I love Giger way too much, regardless of the symbolism he may or may not have intended


"Some people would say my paintings show a future world and maybe they do, but I paint from reality. I put several things and ideas together, and perhaps, when I have finished, it could show the future."


This is the documentary I was talking about. It starts off with Satanism and Setianism and then most of it becomes white-light stuff but at 1:22:52 you get to see H. R. Giger and his artwork.

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