Guys Please Help Me!

I have been doing all sorts of rituals with the infernal Empire and all of my Efforts and things that are going in life are all going downhill this night I was scammed and lost nearly all of my savings about 90% And have made alot of money rituals with many entities these days I have made on with Lucifuge Rofacale and am planning on calling Ahriman I ordered Kurtis’s book I dont know what is happening why is my life getting ruined and ruined are you all experiencing this I like all the Demons I dont know what I did wrong why is this going on this way do they hate me is this somekind of karma I wear Lucifer’s sigil and an inverted pentagram also as an offering gave them all of my blood I dont think I disrespected them in any way and I am not some pussy of a guy I am a drug dealer and business man do they hate this is that why they are letting those folks scam me

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Sometimes, magic doesn’t always work in the magician’s favor. It could backfire, or just not work at all. And sometimes, the spirits we work with won’t always do what we ask.

I would recommend getting in contact with them though and talk to them about it.

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My skills are still not that good for comunication can someone help me by talking for me

or at least listen to what they say about me please

I can help with anything else I just need to know what is happening I also did spells to kill any spirits that hate me and asked leviathan and belial and azazel to kill them

Bro I wish I could free you from all the bullshit. You need mind death.

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what is mind death

There is a school of silence which speaks very minimally. Here’s a quote from them.

“It’s all in the mind.”

Consider that notion. Imagine your mind in the palm of your hand. All that stuff inside your mind, in the palm of your hand.


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Mind death is dying but your body stays alive. Everything else dies or resets. Can feel like hell though. But afterwards everything is void.

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Work with a spirit you trust and build your way again.
Drug dealer haan? You can make load ton of money easily. Maybe ask the spirits to hook you up with many income sources.

You gotta decide what to do with the ones who scammed you, let them go or teach them a lesson or kill them.

This could possibly be an issue considering the beings I have spoken to don’t seem to care for addictions. It’s a shackle. And you’re profiting of those shackles. So it could be related.

If you see this as you being strong and a representation of masculine strength to be involved in drugs they might not care for that

It is possible that they are putting you in a position where you will be forced to do some introspection, and look at your life and see what might not be suited to your spiritual development. It’s not uncommon for them to take a wrecking ball to our lives and destroy it so we have to rebuild it, and rebuild ourselves, into something better


thank you

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as for the guy who scammed me I will ask every demon I know and the curse from the black pulpet and will go to the greviard to ask the dead to take him also will put pollice charges on him and flame his car he portraid himself to be my friend and repayd my goodnes with evil I cant forgive that and robed me of nearly all my money his friend did the same last week and lied to my face

Life always calls for excess… When there is supply there will be an abundance of supply. When there is demand there will be an abundance of demand. That’s one of my personal Satanic laws. People beg and beg until they overflow then when what they want is overflowing they want it to stop. lol laughs demonically

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I have two minds.

One mind says that demons are reflections of myself.

The other mind says demons are alive.

One is called case A.

One is called case B.

Case A doesn’t like any notion of deities, gods, charms, divination and claims they are all complete dribble…

Case B totally embraces all that super natural stuff.

Me personally, I can switch between the two. You are totally Case B bro… Like hardline fullon case B af shawty! You need Case A right now bro.

Dude… Your mind needs a break. I’ve been full case B many times dude. It’s a freakin wild ride. But you don’t need all that jazz right now. I can clearly see it’s holding you back. Bro your paradigm is holding you back. You got all the potential and motivation but your paradigm has become a massive blockade.

That’s why you need mind death… Mind death will initiate you into the Case A mode of consideration. Then you can build a new paradigm, one where there’s no such things are any demons or any gods or any spirits. Where the only god is you.

you may be right but how can I be this way when b is true :smiley:

F*** truth YO… YOU PLAYIN GAMES YO… :smiley:

When I go Case B I become Emissari of the Igiki black flame, son of the Leviathon, reincarnate King Nimrod. I’ve had plenty of personal experiences to convince my ego very thoroughly that I am all that fluffy stuff. I’ve also met Enki, Jesus Christ, the Beast, Enki’s generals, the devils, an a host of demons and pantheonic members. But in the Case A modality of consideration IT’S ALL BULLS***.

All? How are you even alive?


For what it’s worth, Santisima Muerte has no problem working with drug dealers or with baneful magick towards those who have wronged you. Approach her respectfully and honestly and she will repay your attention in spades.