Guys I’ve cracked it

I was just watching a video on YouTube of a woman speaking on 3 signs you receive when your desire is about to manifest and it blew my mind.

Have you ever noticed that just before your manifestation comes you don’t stress about the desire anymore. It’s almost like a cords been cut and you feel neutral or positive about it without having to THINK positive.
It’s almost like your higher self is at ease knowing that your desire is on its way.

That’s the state we must seek and that’s why the law of assumption goes hand in hand with magick.

After a spell is cast assume it’s already been manifested until you feel not into neutral about the situation but even slightly positive.

Once that occurs and your subconscious accepts it as such it shows up FAST.

It’s crazy how real that sign is because I’ve noticed it every single time a spell is about to manifest.

It’s not so much forgetting the outcome but reaching a neutrally positive place. :slight_smile:

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Yes, we call the not lusting for results. However you want to put it, have no doubt. Do not think, believe, or hop it worked, KNOW it worked, and it did.


Agreed. It’s a weird sort of irony that you want or need something so bad that you do a ritual for it, but you hit a point of not caring anymore and it’s ok either way if you get it or not, and that’s when you get it. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means, so I have no idea why it works this way. Everyone has experienced the “lust for results” and how it kills magic quickly, but again, why, I donno. Just some weird thing I don’t fully understand, that attachment prevents success and letting things go and deep down, seriously not caring allows it to happen.