Guruless mantra workaround

For anyone here who works with hindu mantras. As you may or may not know, there are some mantras (and yogas?)that cannot be chanted without the permission and blessing of a guru. Finding a guru, especially a real one who isn’t fake.

well I have found a work around for that.
I went directly to the highest power to get their blessing and permission.
Lie for example I have obtained the maha mritumunjaya permission from shiva himself and all other shiva mantras, confirmed via divination.
I seem to be getting the benefits from it, ill let you huys now how it goes


This simply isn’t true and makes no sense if you think about it. No one person can act as a gatekeeper to a religion known to billions.

It’s very profitable to say so though. Or a test that says “sheeple may not apply”.


Its called a diksha. A diksha is a ceremonial magic style ritual done by the guru on behalf of the devotee to the gods for permission to say those vedic mantras. I however asked shiva himself to comp mine

Yeah, to my ears that sounds like a scam.

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Understand. Let’s say a mantra needs to be chanted 10,00,000 times. For a layman, this is difficult. When a guru gives a mantra, he gives a part of his energy to you to make your work easier. ( The guru gives a part of his own repetitions to you ). If you try the mantra on your own, you still can succeed, no doubt, but it will require a lot of hard work

Initiation by Shiva will be valid only if he comes in your dream and gives you a mantra

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Unitiation/deeksha isn’t just the guru saying " hey
buddy I am your guru and am giving you permission for this mantra".

The long lineage of an authentic guru can be traced to Shiva himself. The guru act as mediator, protector and mentor for his desiciple.

Yes there are many fake gurus in the market but not all fingers of hand are same.

What if I say the “religion” that billions know and practice is just tip of the iceberg and there are many things that even the natives of that religion aren’t aware of.

And yes authentic gurus are gatekeeper and protector of the knowledge.

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara.

Guru is all 3, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh(Shiva), if a person gets siddhi of his guru mantra alone his guru’s blessings is enough to make his life comfortable without him doing any other mantra or magick.

Guru also gives his energy to his disciple, it’s called shaktipat, energies him with his power that he got by the austerity and penance he has done.


That is heartening to know that information about the diksha mantras thank you.
about how you said Its only valid If he comes in a physical form though, could you clarify something?
I have heard that shiva does not appear in physical form to his devotees, unlike some other hindu dieties like Ganesha. The reason being is that he is everything, omnipresent,there without being seen, similar to the abrahamic god. Can you explain how to get him in that form?

Shiva has multiple forms. When in the form of Shankara, He has his usual human like form. In the form of Mahakal, or Great Time, He has no form, and has absolutely no limits. So he does visit his devotees in from as Shankara.

See, any Deity comes to you and gives you a mantra in a dream, it would be valid initiation!

I think the only way to do is to continuously petition/pray to shiva or any of your favourite deity to initiate you into a mantra. You could ask for a specific mantra, but usually it’s not a good idea.


What is the objective criterion that differentiates a fake guru from a real one?

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you will know when you meet them, i believe with a real guru you can literally feel their blessing energy

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