Gung Yi, the ruler of the chinese infernal kingdom

Gung Yi
Favourite offerings: alcohol(most likely sake), tobacco, plantlife

Working with the chinese infernal empire seems to be little alien to who have worked with other infernal kingdoms. Somehow they seem to be connected to the element of earth and are especially earthy spirits. They also seem to be more physical as spirits especially and like necromancers.Their presense doesn´t feel so strongly either but they are pretty damn powerfull.

What can the chinese infernal kingdom teach:

  • Using energy working in rituals for lasting results
  • The art of war and destruction
  • Necromancy
  • And more

What does Gung Yi teach and govern:

  • leadership
  • opening of paths

Ps:have fun


Cool to the orient demons.

Guan Yu If i think of the same is considered the saint of martial arts and martial virtue so i doubt its the same.

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What @Grimner said. He’s basically a deified human.

Well, I delivered I gues but I have to say that the only information that I asked for are on the post. The rest can be acquired easily. You just call upon him like you would with any spirit with a sigil. I recommend a pendulum, my favourite you see.

Indeed, They are getting little stage time I guess.

I’m curious if any gaming merchandise has been utilizing any of these ancient orient spirits. There’s a lot of hierarchy in the celestial bureaucracy to explore.

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Maybe gaming merchandice and anime has picked it up. Hard to tell but it´s a possibility.

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I will try but I´m not going to promise anything. I´m REALLY bad at chinese names.

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Gung Yi is a deifeid ancestor with infernal energies and his name while he was alive, was Guan Yu.

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Nice, you practise necromancy by the way? it fits well with working with the chinese infernal kingdom.

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Also any traditional kung fu school worth its name will have a sun toi with a picture or status of Guan Yu at the top.

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Saw something on Chinese Fung Shui, or Dragon Magic this energy comes from nature and or Taoist Magic combined is formless energy and encompasses all of nature and nature spirits.


I have little annoucement to make, it seems my psychic senses weren´t so tuned so the name for Gung Ji also happens to be the Jade Emperor by the other name too. I was corrected by Gung Yi himself and here is a little info on him:

I shall verify this later, unless one of you people get to do that before me.

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it has been confirmed, Gung Ji is the Jade Emperor.