Guinea Pigs Wanted

Hey guys

So, a few months ago, I came into contact with a handful of entities, in some pretty bizarre and strange circumstances. I evoked them, asked them for their help, and they have delivered rather good results, so if anyone is willing to meet them, just PM and I will send a few useful details. Only up to three have come forth to be shared, so only three slots are open.

I have also been urged to channel a few techniques, so up to three people may make a request (I want a love spell, ways to improve divination, etc), and I will channel a very brief technique, or a handful of tips, or in any way, an answer to the questions.

About these entities, I am looking for general energetic impressions, appearances (voice, looks, smells, etc.), visions/dreams, effectiveness(speed of completion, intensity, thoroughness, backlash, problems, etc.), attitude, personality, or anything else you may find relevant.

I’m looking to finish collecting data by November 3rd, so that should be plenty of time to have fun with these things.


I could be in ! Send me the info I’ll see.
I have a similar experience I wanted to try with at least one entity of mine, if you or someone else wanna try to (sorry taking advantage of the post lol).

I’m down for the experiment, Arcane. I’d be interested in the channeled info. PM in the works.

I would be willing to try but if someone better comes along I’d be willing to stand aside and let them do it.

I will send you an entity, and in doing this you will confirm that you are willing to test the entity’s abilities out, and report back to me. There is a good reason for such discretion.

Okay, just PM me what you would like for me to present you, and I will do so.


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I’ll join if you’d like.

Im IN :metal::metal::metal:

Well I might be down been doing lot of mundane overtime and some magical work be a nice break from my normal

All the entities have been sent, and there is one slot open for channeling. @MATT1976 , @Ethera , one of you PM me what you want me to channel, and I will deliver.

is there still a chance to participate in this experiment ?
if there is a chance, I am willing to join

here ya go I’m pretty sure that’s a Guinea Pig emoji :hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster:

If there’s still space, I’d like a spot. Oh, and welcome back old friend!