Well, if go by my previous thread you’ll know bout my relapses. In short I fall to indulge in my compulsions after being a extremely concentrated on my life and after only like a long amount of time after the situations force onto me and I win some control over myself I come back up.

So the thing is many times when i relapsed (not drugs)
I was working with some entity towards my development and self-mastery. And I ditch spiritual stuff when I relapse cuz i am to guilty of the fact that I cannot be what i want when i am not it.
So after i get back again on my path after bloody wars with myself and I start practicing magick again I am too guilty to work with the entities I ghosted. How ironic.
So how do I deal with it? are entities generally angry when someone does this stuff?

They understand. It’s really rough being human and they get that. That’s why they want to help.

I think it’s gods to focus on what’s positive, that you haven’t given up, you’ve come back to yourself and are working on it again, and that shows an underlying determination and resilience that you’re not giving yourself enough credit for.

Maybe accept that you need to take breaks and you’ll get back into it when you can. It’s not dirched you’re just in hiatus. Forgive yourself and just keep on keeping on. Always moving forward. :slight_smile:


Dude, I have made agreements with spirits and then never called upon them again. I’m still trusted though because we are still connected. Physical life is messy and sometimes shit happens. Release the guilt. Remember, time flows differently for spirits than it does for us so “ghosting” a spirit for a year is just a blink of an eye to them. Talk it out with them. They have been dealing with humans for thousands of years. They will understand.