Guide troubles

Some weeks ago I did a evocation of king paimon and asked if i could have a guide to help me along

After i did that i heard a voice and a burned in image of it and have occasionally felt it move around me and felt its presence.

Last night when i was trying to Astral Travel i was interupted by some small creature rubbing against me, i could feel its “fur”

What is a way i can have a sit down to communicate with him? And request its help on que?

Evoke it and find out its name. Thats really about the only way

thats kind of the problem. I tried looking at how to evoke spirit guides but all of them kind of ask by name

I did an altar evocation by “requesting my guide” “the spirit sent down by king paimon”(didn’t like doing this, i was afraid of calling him specifically instead)

Perhaps ill try getting into sleep paralysis tonight, when it showed up the first time i do recall it telling me my name, but its been on the “tip of my tounge” for the past weeks and couldn’t figure it out

when i tried Astral Projecting last night and got close it rubbed itself around me and my face and took me out of trance.

Perhaps I’ll try this again

Usually thats when i feel its presence anyway, that and when im doing anything general metaphysics

Ask King Paimon to please give you its name.