Guide to ‘Astral Projection’

What is astral projection?
Astral projection is also known as an out of body experience. Astral projection can take place whether you are sleeping or awake. It is done when your conscious mind leaves your physical body on earth to a different dimension while staying connected by a silver cord. The cord makes it possible to come back to your earthly self. It enables your spirit body to explore the astral realm. It is said that Astral Projection helps you become your truest and highest self. Astral Projecting is the floating and lifting of your physical being through the use of your astral body.

Practices to Help with Astral Travel
~Relax and Practice Proper Breathing techniques
~Spiritually cleanse
~Practice visualization (This is key!)
~Counting up or down while focusing your breathing
~Improve your concentration
~Deep breathing exercises
~Become Aware and Mindful
~Shielding and Protection
~Spiritual and Physical Protection
~Work on your inner energies

Astral Plane
A place where angels, spirits, deities, and other cosmic beings reside. It is a place where ones astral body travels through. It may also be recognized as the “emotional plane,” because the astral plane reacts to our emotions, thoughts, and desires.

The Silver Cord
The silver cord anchor’s ones astral body to their physical body. The silver cord allows you to find your way back to the physical realm. It is described as being strong, almost indestructible, yet soft and elastic that can stretch and flex to make sure that the astral body is truly tethered to the physical one.

Risks Of Astral Projection
~Obscuring your focus causing obsession with the astral plane
~Demonic Possession - A greatly debated topic, the truth of which is unknown.
~You may become lost or disconnected from the cord - Some argue that you cannot severe the cord, some believe that becoming disconnected from the cord will cause death.

Conclusion: The dangers of astral projection are extremely controversial, be sure to do proper research and follow your gut!

Astral Travel Tips
~Look after your mental and physical health.
~Only travel when you have peace of mind, never when anxious or angry.
~Release all fear, do not project if you are fearful of the astral plane.
~Record your experiences
~Protect yourself by a visualization of pure white light
~Experiment with different methods

Signs you are astral projecting
~You’re feeling a sort of numbness or buzzing in your skin
~You’re hearing all sorts of strange sounds, like going through all sorts of random radio stations really fast
~Your body is frozen and you can only move your eyes (“sleep paralysis”)
~You’re feeling or hearing other people or animals in your room
~Your mind is spacing in and out of sleep
Everyone has different experiences don’t take my word as absolute, You still must follow your gut and experiment what feels right.


Interesting topic… Thanks for your insight
I will look into it.

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No problem. @FantomGirl

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Useful info, good work!

However, it’s worth noting that the silver cord can’t be cut, not can anyone kill you (except if he harms your physical body while you’re astral projecting). Also, you can’t really lose your way. You only need to think of your body and you’ll be back. The cord will always be connecting you with it after all.


Yes I thought I mentioned this.:sweat_smile:
It is simply a theory or myth created from someone else’s experience. As I said everyone is different when it comes to these things.
@Manosman But I agree with you 100%!


Nice.! I’ll be looking more into this

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Nice topic.

I’ve done alot of research on the topic.

Also, you cannot not get back to you’re body unless someone in the physical kills you, which is obviously not going to happen. So as long as you think of your body you will return.

Also, it’s very easy to return to your body and alot of noobies, get exicted to quickly and return really quickly (Has happened to me).

I doubt you can be possessed in the astral plane, aslong as you are staying true to your path.


Nice topic.

Some basic techniques would have been nice to add.

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The silver cord stuff is nonsense. If you had a heart attack and died, guess what, you’d also be dead on the astral plane. I favor projecting from the throat chakra … the astral is monochromatic and malleable, very difficult to reach. Am lucky to visit even once a month.

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Actually, you can’t die in the astral. The soul can’t die. But I get your point.

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