So I came across this prayer/spell that st. Cyprian wrote in his book of spells. Has anyone ever came across this or done it or heard of it? And if yes, how successful is it?


The prayer of the miraculous black goat is respected and feared by many for its undisputed power. This version below is used to bring your love back. But beware, only say this prayer if you are very sure that you want this person for you, as they are irreversible.

To accomplish this, you must:

  1. Light a candle and hold a knife in your right hand before the flame

  2. Pray on a midnight Friday for best effectiveness.

3- Say the prayer for 7 days straight and then stay another 7 days without saying any prayer.

4 – Wait for the result.

“Miracle Black Goat, who climbed up the hill, bring me (desired name), which from my hand disappeared. (Name desired), just as the rooster crows, the donkey crows, the bell rings and the goat roars, so you will walk behind me.
Just like Caiaphas, Satan, Ferrabras, and the Chieftain of Hell, who all dominate, make (desired name) dominate, to bring me lamb, trapped under my left foot.

(Name of desire), money in the tub and in my hand shall not be lacking; thirsty you and I will not end; shot and knife, neither you nor I shall catch us; My enemies will not see me.

The fight I will win, with the powers of the miraculous Black Goat. (Name of desire), with two I see you, with three I arrest you, with Caiaphas, Satan, Ferrabrás.”

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