Guidance from Michael

I’ve heard from various sources on the internet that Archangel Michael not only possesses his well known talents, but also tends to point a magician to where they could best learn their desired skills from. I recently called on Archangel Michael to officially announce that I want him to preside over my work as a magician. I then asked for a message in dream time. This was late at night before bed, and I got a memorable one.

Floated atop some clouds over a green landscape. Wearing my Army uniform jacket and pants with no shirt. It was mid-day time but there was also a sharp golden light hovering over the valley which pierced my vision. A distant male voice carried through the air. Don’t remember the full speech.

“Emotions build the facets of being used to navigate manifested reality, yet cloud higher judgement of the ego. A man is no higher or lower than his emotions. To control one’s emotions is to master the self, thus paving the way to power, and be impenetrable to invasive disturbance.”

With straight posture, I floated down to a rock peak overlooking the landscape. An index card slowly fluttered down to my feet. It had the sigil of Balaam.

I asked one more question when I first woke.
“That training mission in New York; my platoon, we took over a connex building and held it overnight. They were sleeping; I was pulling security on the second floor window on the machine gun. Closed my eyes – saw clearly a spirit floating toward me; it had brown robes and flowing hair – handed me a letter. Who was it?”

My thoughts rippled: “Gabriel”.

“What did the letter say”

Head filled with: “Yield my presence, hear these words: ‘I am watching’”.

I took this as confirmation that he desires to oversee my progress, so I’ll be acting accordingly. The suggestion of Balaam seemed (eerily) very fitting with his abilities relating to my agenda, although I will refrain from discussing the project for now.

Just an experience I thought I’d share anyhow. Will be updating.