Guidance (contacting Lucifer)

Hello everyone,

I suddenly had got the urge to contact Lucifer and ask him for help during a hard time. Ever since then things have started getting better (still not perfect), my thoughts have gotten calmer etc.
Ever since I was a child I had weird experiences, one was that I got the idea an angel of light would come help me with that precious thing once I learn a lesson.
So far I have been lighting candles for Lucifer and asked him for guidance, protection and to restore something very precious to me. One night while I was trying to sleep, I was just changing sides and I felt this warm air on my face but no strange energy or such. Even my nightmares have stopped scaring me, it feels like I have control over them. The point is I feel my anger/thoughts getting calmer and I don’t even have such strong insecurities I have always had. I was wondering if this is because he agreed to help and guide me, or is this just a new pre-breakdown period?
I hope this was the correct forum to post at :grin:


Well, the right answer to your question is actually a question: What do you think? Do you believe it was Lucifer who helped you? Or it was just a phase that passed on its own?

Lucifer is a great guide and I believe he wants to help you, especially if you asked for his help. But you already know the answer to your question. Just trust it’s the correct one.


Thank you for answering me. I really appreciate it :blush:
My head is already full of questions :frowning:
For the first time in my life I have been thinking that this “precious” thing being taken from me was actually for my own good. This thing has been so precious to me that I never thought it would have been “my choice”, that’s what it feels like. And the feeling of being very calm is very new to me. And the feeling of being lonely. I have always been alone but it was my choice, I have even been very annoyed having other people around. I enjoyed my loneliness.
I believe he wants to help me as well, I don’t doubt it at all. But so far he hasn’t really “revealed” himself to me. Is there a certain thing I have to do?


If you feel like it’s him who helped you, then you have your answer.

Lucifer will reveal himself when you are ready for that. For now, get to know this path and yourself. Learn and master the basics and get some info on Lucifer, in order to get to know him better. And of course, when you feel ready, you can summon him and talk to him.

By accepting his guidance and his teachings, you’re already open for him, which is good. Let him guide you and give you things to work towards.


Hi, it’s me again
So I was sleeping normally and had this sleep paralysis. When it started I heard some sound like electonic-ish. Then he said “I am here and I am talking to you”. Something shouts a religious chant (was it me?) And I go like wtf and begin asking Lucifer for help - then the whole thing stops.
His voice had this electonic-ish sound to it, but it was masculine and pleasant, yet mystique.
I haven’t been doing anything lately, no ritual or anything. I had asked him to guide me through my dreams.
May I ask if anyone would happen to know what happened?..


I guess, since you ask Lucifer to come to your dreams and guide you, that’s what he did.

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My problem is that that was all he said. Is it common for him to end his appearances just like that? But yeah, I am happy he appeared to me:)


I don’t really know, but when it comes to dreams, I expect the wierdest things to happen.

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Can u guide through ur first time process i want to vontact lucifer

@Misdluh Check this out: BALG Forum FAQ By Members, For New Members (and old members)

just keep working with him, if he is protecting you, keep going, i know from experience he has surprised me more than once and i felt very strong and protected with him near, the second night

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how long are you working with lucifer for me is just days

really you mean Lucifer appear to you that’s interesting sunrise where you scared or just came