Guess many of us started here..-

I just found this pretty kick-ass blasting rock song, and listening to it
I realized well hey, I guess many of us have been here at some point…
Maybe it’s, in some way good to remember where we came from and go back to what originally motivated us to blast our way through the mess…maybe it might remind some of us how far, we orginally wanted to go…

Through I also learned, that in cosmic mastership, it’s good to go beyond everything we Identify ourselves with now, no matter how fitting it may seem.

In my interaction with Kali (that I approached for self-empowerment, and to prepare me to deliver such a long due devastation of corruption spiritual and in many other ways-which already started), as she is dissolving my limitations, on my request, bringing me closer to being infinite, boundless beingness.
In realizing that rooted in the I AM-presence, "I AM the one Cosmic Source of all - in oneness and equality with all life) I also realized that I AM (my individuality)
for example, and through her, that
I AM The Rise and Fall of Empires, as she gave as an affirmation through me, as me, as an extension of the, expression of the Cosmic Self.
“I AM” the Punisher is my latest input…

I suddenly realized the nature of ‘the Avenger’
The realization that I AM the Source, looking through the archetype of Satan, as a human being, all at the same time, and of course one with Kali. I Thus realized again (through experience) how Satan is an expression of the Source. I felt like the one left behind, the one that is unrightfully, unjustly denied, the one the enslavers of the world tried to oppress, yet infinitely powerful though…
I felt ready to obliterate all injustice, by all the powers of magick. So not being against the Source, but against all the vast enslaving things in the world.
THIS is why the Vatican pretends that Lucifer, Satan and these guys are the bad guys… generally- while in the path of self-empowerment(!), they are the avengers, the righteous destroyers, rooted in the Source that are able to and wanting to bring and end to corruption, and all things in the world that are against spiritual progress. They gladly expose those vices.

I realized that what it really feels like to feel like a superhero ready to kick ass and perfectly able to…it was ‘that’ kind of click, what I had always been looking for.

I felt I gave recognition to ALL of my pain, suffering, torment, sense of oppression on this planet…;
and to blast away the heaps of enslaving systems…

It’s that ‘F yeah’ moment, like when you’re in the movie theater and you see superheroes about the Obliterate the asses of the vile…; 'Embodying just that, and feeling entirely justified and righteous. God is all, and you are God, God is as much Satan as Lucifer as he is archangels… :slight_smile:

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