Guardian Spirit or just a dream?

That seems to be the best way I can describe this anyway.

So a little background to my question;

A while back, a had a really strange dream.
I was with a girl, don’t know her name/don’t remember seeing her anywhere at all, but we were walking together, holding hands and we went to a drive in movie showing (don’t know why we walked to a drive in movie). Anyway, I get up to get us some snacks…I come back and another guy is talking to her, trying to get with her. She gets uncomfortable and says we have to leave now. So we’re walking back to my house, and here this guy is, following us and he’s ready to knock me out. I get ready to fight, only she decides to intervene and drains him of blood from his neck. I run, I sensed something was unique about her but couldn’t pinpoint just what it was. I open the door to my house and lock it. Turn around and there she is, she comes to me, holds both of my hands and tells me there isn’t anything to be afraid of. I end the dream there, wake up only to see her standing beside my bed, she blows me a kiss. I rub my eyes in disbelief, open my eyes again and in her place is a black fog/mist.

Sorry to bore you all with that long winded story but I wrote down everything after it happened and wanted to give a detailed account.
Ever since that night I can feel her around me, a warm sensual feeling along with a sense of peace and safety.

Could this female vampire be some type of guardian being? A figment of my imagination? Am I possibly going insane?