Guardian demons at birth?

When we are born we are given a guardian demon that stays with us throughout life and watches over us. There to help us in our time of need.
What would a guardian demon help us with exactly

Not everyone has a guardian demon, not sure where that belief originated from (though I’ve read it heavily mentioned on JoS) but a lot of people are born with guardian spirit(s) that may protect them, guide them, etc. They do what the very definition of a guardian is suppose to do.


What’s jos?

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Joy of Satan, as in

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Guardians do exist and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. It’s miraculous.

Whatever they are, they’re just guardians. There is no need to acquire labels and then makes connotations between the daemons and angels we know of.

I guess the most interesting thing about belief systems is that construed ideas may turn into facts.

Who knows if they are…? I don’t know. I’m only young, 23 in July and got a fuck load of figuring out to do… and that’d be on my own, there won’t be anything holding my hand.

Guardians save your ass and grant good fortune.

Probably because you can ask them what they are and they’ll tell you. Labels are normal and part of life here and there. It’s nothing to be seen as negative or unwarranted.

I dont have a guardian no spirit wanted to take care of me when i was born :Ρ you can do a ritual for officialy acepting a spirit taking that role if it wants too but i personaly find it unececery simply having a bond with one has more or less the same benefits

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I have a few nature entities that have lurked around me for years but they’re not guardians.

According to my understanding , only a few people have guardian demons at birth , they are more in the minority


Do you think its possible to assign a guardian to an other human? If i ever become a father i would like to assign one to my kid . I believe yes

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A servitor guardian for the most part yes or you can petition for a guardian for the child.

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I doubt it , not a high ranking demon

If you follow Bill Duvendack’s Method and Theory on the demons of your astrological chart you can see those are sort of guardians. Though I’d say they’re more akin to guides or helpful forces that if you’re aware of will help you and maybe be more effective for you.

I havent read it but i think the chart you say is more about witch spirit one aligns more with . As i said i have no guardian

@NailOH if the demon wants too be i dont see why not but i wasent asking spesificly about demons

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Yeah I agree, I’m just saying you could view it in that way. I have the book, really good book btw.

As far as I know we all have a guardian angel , many sources state this and it is true in my experience , mine is The Archangel Michael , usually we have predetermined fates , so I wouldn’t say it’s so easy to assign a spirit to your child

A handful of people do but not everyone, and it’s “rare” for us to have any bit of predetermined fates.

How do you know if you have a guardian spirit/demon? Is there way to figure it out?

Petition your guardian demon to present themselves, or meditate on your guardian spirit and request they show themselves to you and see what shows up.

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