Guardian Demon

Does anyone know how you can find out who your guardian demon is? I have been trying since I first converted to the LHP


I felt a strong draw to evoke and work with him. One day I just asked and he confirmed it.


ok thank you so much

Not everyone has a Guardian Daemon originally keep in mind.
I have a Guardian Angel but did not have a Guardian Daemon
So don’t be confused when you’re told you don’t have one
if that’s the case.

I felt mine at different times in my life and his name would come up and make me feel peaceful. When I reached out to him he came at me STRONG


@Narsonix actually there is an entity that I felt the same way about and I was really drawn to him so is this possible that he’s my guardian demon ?

It’s very possible. For me, as soon as I opened myself up to the reality of all magick he came to me. My best advice is to evoke him and ask.

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ok thank you

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so how do I evoke?

You draw and charge the sigil, then use an enn or just the demons name to establish a connection. This could take a while depending on experience. That is a basic from of it. A full ritual evocation is different. Basically like opening a small window vs a large door. They can still hear and communicate with you, fill your requests etc. Use the search function to look up sigil flashing and anything else you might need. There are years of amazing information to be found.

how do you charge a sigil?

Look up sigil flashing. It explains things far better than I could.

ok thank you


Be patient. They will come to you at some point.

Here is a great link that might answer your questions.


Thanks but I found mine. Buer.

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