Growing your own herbs and flowers for increased Magickal Potency

Obviously there is a wealth of information on the subject, but I would like to touch on how growing your own magickal herbs and flowers can increase the potency of your workings. Herb lore and the cultivation of various plant life was one of the first skills I started to develop when I was a teenager, and is still an ongoing life-long passion after decades. For me, the simple use of a plant I have grown has a noticeable positive effect on personal results over a purchased product. When I began to combine ritual with the growing process the effects were dramatic. There are a few obvious advantages, such as immersion and energy tweaking. Has anyone here at BALG had similar experiences? I would love to hear and compare notes.


Probably off topic, but whenever I think of magical herbs I always think of the line at the beginning of the movie Practical Magic (1998) were Sandra Bullocks character says, “keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck”. But, I digress.

I remember hearing a story about a girl who wanted to grow a potato plant. So, she went to the local grocery store and bought a potato and planted it in a pot. We watered it and waited a few weeks, nothing happened. So, she went to an alternative store and bought an organic potato, hoping that it would do better. After a couple weeks it started to sprout, but not much else. So, she rode with her dad to a local farm and they gave her a potato from their garden. She planted that one and it instantly sprouted and flowered into a beautiful potato plant.

Perhaps the same effect is at play with home grown herbs used for magical workings. They’re filled with so much life and love that their effect is compounded.


I’m growing my own basil, which has been working well for me. I had a collection of small stones and raw gems that didn’t seem to radiate much power, and in all honesty I don’t know why I kept so many extremely tiny, almost dust-and-crumb sized pieces of gemstones in the first place. So I actually buried them in the soil of my first two basil pots and spoke to the plants about growing strong from using the gems’ energy. They’re outside now and survived some very heavy rains as well as harsh sunlight. Basil is hardy but I wonder if the gems actually had something to do with their survival since they seemed to have a few hardships with the weather.


Absolutely. I had some problems with my garden this year because of the weather in NE. It took quite a bit of extra care and attention to keep some of my plants alive. Just the act of directing and imbuing my intention into them definitely makes them stronger. In terms of crystals, I use the tried and true; white quartz buried in the soil, and moss agate on the surface, charged with intent in the sun for the moss agate, and in the moon for the quartz. I have more than a few basil plants, but I always let one flower and go to seed. For propagation, of course, but also because I have found the basil seeds to pack more of a punch for business-oriented money magic than the greenery. Do you know what crystals are where in your soil? I am always curious as to what other people are trying.


I don’t know every single crystal that is in there but there is some quartz, ruby and peridot in the mix. A lot of it was from a festival my family used to attend and there were a couple of years’ worth of gems from a “digging” activity they had. The stuff that was too small to use effectively in ritual ended up in the pots because handling them was inconvenient. Now they heal and protect the plants.


Nice, yeah plants and herbs can make for a successful spell. I live working with plants and the earth mother in aiding their growth and their potency. Oh and the devas of the plants as well


I have figured out certain plants I mainly like to use for whatever specific purpose. The most powerful work in my experience is to make potions and oils and apply it’s use to whatever spiritual aspect or its planetary force. Plants are totally the way to go. I make my own incense out of herbs and candles out of beeswax I get from a special farm. I figure the more natural the better.


I’m working on getting the three Johns ( High John, Little John and Low John) to grow my own. Have some Low Johns potted and know where I ca get some little john plants. High John has been the biggest challenge to find and I have to wait for a very small window of opportunity (for their growing season and seed harvesting. Plus got word that this year has not been a good year for the crop so far).

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Yes, where i am it has been off as well (MA) because it gets to about 65F then drops down to 25 the next day. My skullcap plants started rooting up, and then they got frozen. Luckily they are spouting new sprouts, so it is not a total loss.

4 out of the 5 Low Jhons are sprouting green and growing pretty good. I gave in to the temptation and should have some Little Jhon roots of my own soon.

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If you’re growing in earth (not pots so much) soil bacteria multiple if fed with human urine. After they’ve consumed all of the snack food urine they have to start breaking down soil minerals to exist and this allows plants to use those minerals. Sugar or glucose water are alternatives to urine. Place seeds in your mouth (or hand if seeds are too small for the mouth) and claim them as yours before you plant them.



After only planting sage and lavender last year I’m doing more this year. I have marigolds, sunflowers, white sage, and mugwort. So far the mugwort is proving difficult to grow, but the others I think will be fine if they get going soon. Some take 4 weeks or so to even show a sprout.
The sage I dried last year and it came out perfectly. I burn it for cleansing purposes and the broad leaf sage I use in the kitchen also. Planted 3 types of sage last year. This year only white sage from seeds. The meadow sage is coming back on its own. I’m not real big on using for magick purposes other than clearing myself and the air around the house. It does depress mold, fungi and bacteria so it useful for this too. Ants I use mint or lemon balm to keep them away.
Never thought about claiming them as my own before planting as I consider this redundant, I paid for them, therefore they are mine. I suppose for spiritual purposes this would bind them to me utterly? @Uncle-Al never knew about the urine thing. Lol. Thanks, but eww though. Should keep mice and bunnies away if anything. haha