Growing Weary of a Long Ritual

I’ve recently been attempting an extremely long ritual (at least for me). The ritual is performed twice a day, for 33 days straight. I’m only a week and some in, and I am already tiring of doing the ritual. It is simple and short, so it has gotten very repetitive. Does anyone have advice to help? Or will I just have to grind through these next 3ish weeks?

If you’re working with entities, get them to buddy system it with you maybe?

I had a 33 day ritual with Azreal, which I literally forgot several times, and he was the one to remind me, as I was lying in bed sometimes, to get my ass into the temple to get it done. I didn’t skip a day but I would have royally messed it up without his help. It was also nice to feel his presence grow along the way.

I also found my attitude shifted past the tedium stage into lifestyle stage where it started to feel normal, like brushing your teeth.


There are 3 demons who I work with in it, being Caspiel, Barmiel, and Acreba. I did mess up once where I didn’t wake up before sunrise to do it, but I still did once I did wake up. But how would I go about buddying up with all three of them?

Well if they’re into it and want to see it done, and your relationships can work this way, don’t banish and let them stay present, check in with them through the day and talk shop with them about the working, and make it a team effort.

If it helps to keep them around, could try making a talisman or statue as a conduit for them to have a physical base to hold on to.


The way that they are evoked is actually already through a talisman. Though they are dismissed usually once I finish giving the commands. Only issue is that my clairs aren’t that good so communication with them is mostly one way.

My main clair is just clairsentience. I just ‘get a feeling’ or a knowing, it’s like someone telling you something, then you know what they said but have no memory of them saying it. I think it’s the first one and easier to get.

I’d just let this be a good time to practice it then. Tell them you’re not banishing, that’s you’d appreciate a nudge if you look like you forgot, and through the day think thoughts at them, maybe you’ll get a feeling or remember the response without hearing it. Just bring them in and keep them close.

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I think sometimes it boils down to do you want it bad enough. Completed a money-related 40 night ritual a few months ago of course some nights I didn’t want to but I didn’t miss a night.

So last week I came across a 40 day love ritual to be done morning and night 15 minutes of chanting. I did one morning and haven’t done it again. I do want love but at this moment in time I don’t have it in me to do the ritual.

In your case I think you could do another ritual to help you concentrate, gain focus and achieve your goals. That would help you with the motivation needed.

Just keep your eyes on the prize want it bad enough.