Growing Datura (spirits possessing plants)

I plan on growing 4 datura plants, for shamanistic use. My plan is to ask Lilith to inhabit one, Gremory to inhabit one, and jezebel to inhabit another. Not sure who I’m going to call on for the fourth. Has anyone tried something like this before? Having a hallucinogenic plant be possessed by a spirit, to aid in communion

And yeah I know how dangerous datura can be, and I’m going to be extremely cautious and use it by smoking a tiny bit at a time, as I have before. I’m hoping if I get the plants possessed I will be able to see hear and feel the spirits while intoxicated and have them lead me on a journey

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I got a branch from a Datura Brugmansia a couple of weeks ago. Not going to do what you are planning, but I do want to use it in Magick. I think it can be a very powerful ingredient in an oil for example.
Though it’s going to take quite a while before I can actually harvest anything from it, but that gives me time to ‘get friendly’ with the plant.
Hope your plans work out.
Give some updates later on if you feel like it.

I will definitely give updates when I’ve started the project, the seeds are going to be a month or so before I can even get started.

Could anyone make suggestions as to whom I should dedicate the fourth plant?