Group workings to make money in the stock market

@Akhtyahussein @Trishul66 Hello guys. Do you working something on sports betting? If you have anything good can you put me in?

Perfect I was going to start a post like this , I have been studying hours a day for past 5 months , I have a firm grasp on it

Will you be going towards the forex market anytime soon?

I am also interested in Forex as I currently trade that but not opposed to stocks. What can I offer?

Hi everybody. I apologize for not getting on here sooner, but I have been swamped at work. This situation should be aleviated in a month or so, but until then I will only be able to get on here sporadically. I am still very much enthused about starting a magick stock market group. In fact I have worked out some new developments for the group.

I have been focusing in more on how we can actually pull this off in real life. The new main goal is to create a bad event for a company, invest in short selling, and profit from the news. We should naturally start by practicing the cursing of a company. Once we have that down, as a group, then we can begin to invest. In business it takes no effort to fail and great effort to succeed. That is why, as a rule, curse a company, bless an investment. In theory cursing a company is easier then trying to bless a company to get the stock to rise. Short selling is our friend. Another thing is the profitability. With the goal of using magick to create investment opportunity, magick is best suited for creating quick little rises or drops in the stock’s value. The quick trade is simply the best use of magick. On that note, trading in stock Put Options is the best investment one could make, while using magick on a company and it takes the best advantage of quick movements in the market. A highly lucrative investment, Put Options can leverage your investment money, and as a result they can bring you more profit.Put Options can take advantage of potentially damaging opportunities appearing on the horizon of the company by making you more money the lower a stock goes, the worst risk is only losing your initial investment or part of it, and you have control over when you decide to take profits just so long as you sell at your leisure before expiration. Please familiarize yourself with Put Options, as these instruments will be an integral part of this group’s strategy. Most online brokers allow you to trade in Options.

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I would think now would be the time to buy, but not companies that are going to die. (ha that rhymes)