Group working/organization


I’ve been out sometime, reading and learning. Before I explain my thought I just want to say I checked the terms of usage and saw nothing on this.

I’ve noticed no one has really suggested establishing a group/cult/coven to come together and make shared tomes of knowledge (even via internet) and whatever else is entitled. Seems to me most texts in the occult world are made by one individual, but when I think of the bible for instance it is made by numerous individuals.

Would this be worth pursuing?
Who knows, but I’m often irritated because I may have one piece of the puzzle but I lack the skills, knowledge, or even the patience to pursue the whole picture.

/end thought

Well too many cooks ruin the stew type situation I believe because no one is going to practice the same way and will have different ideas of how something should be recorded. The best you will find is when only small groups of a few people work together in tight knit groups. It avoids infighting if there is not many people to deal with the different dynamics but they are together by necessity or common goal.
How I view it at least.

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I would more think a subject could be broken up between individuals, they pursue it how they do and give the data on how it was done