Group work


I’m also interested, still pretty new to magic though and doing a lot of research and learning.


I work with Voodoo, dark, destructive magic and curses mostly.
Would love to join you, if you’ll accept me and learn how to work with demons.


I would be interested as well


im very happy that you guys want to join i’ll add you


I’m interested in joining as well, if you’ll accept me.


id be glad to


You should make one on the discord app


one of the other members is working on that


i just created a server, @bunny4cam you add the new members to the chat, i will share the link there. cool? :slight_smile:


@bunny4cam waiting for the discord app link. Thanks


you were invited i swore i did it earlier on but i guess not so im sorry about that i just sent to you


@bunny4cam I have joined thanks


welcome to our group


Is it a video discord? or simple typing? :ghost: