Group work


I have an idea for a group work with idea of some common benefit. If there are people interested in can PM me. I am a serious and correct person. Honestly, I still do not know what exactly the practice should be and how to do it. We can do a ritual at the same time.


im tryin to bmake a clan if you wanna join


I’m interested


what kinda magic do you do? im glad to have you join


I am actually a beginner


i can teach you all i know


I’m ever ready dearest


anything from spells to invocation of demons or angles i only work with demons tho also help with creating your own spells also curs magic to


I’m attracted to the infernals


infernal magic huh that would be intreasting to do i havnt touched on that yet but i can find some workings on it to give you


Thanks, I need one entity who’ll be my guide on this path


But I’m open to working with any one.


i only know of the goatia demons


and a few others drawn to the darkness to


Don’t worry you can teach me about the ones you know


When will be you be ready dearest because I am ever ready


by the end of the week


Is it going to be online? :see_no_evil:


Thank you very much dearest


no problem