Group Chat


Hey would the admins have the ability to start a im room or group chat ability so we could chat irl??


Ive been thinking we should have one since I first got on here. To me it sounds like a good idea.


At this point I am able to read each posting and go over it and learn in my own way…if all this material was within a group chat, I would not be able to stay on top of each post and learn from it. I would probably loose 90% of some good stuff that way.
Just my view alone…



People would still post it would be something we could all get on when we just want to chat. I used to be on spells of magic till I got kicked off for telling people they were idiots and they had a chat thing, it seemed to go pretty well except people talking about their personal lives too much.


They probably were idiots.

I just went to their home page and clicked a profile completely at random and the first sentence was - “Just so you know I’m gay.” A gay magician? How shocking. I really think magic and culture are essentially opposed to one another, which is the danger of these personality networking sites.


Yeah, I see the point, Sultitan Itan, altho I really don’t give a flying ____ what y’all’s sexual orientation is (TMI! people TMI!) :slight_smile: I come here for the commradarie of equals; to learn from You and to express new or different Magickal ideas myself and to grow larger than Life. Okay, okay … and to laugh! So, while I think that the chatroom idea does offer some social benefits to those who enjoy it, I myself would probably rsvp. :wink: Z


Well, there are times when things like that are relevant and times when they’re not. I’m one of those people who are oblivious to taboos in general. I just think it’s sad so many kids think which set of junk they prefer to work with is massively definitive to who and what they are as individuals. That’s society talking and society is stupid.