Grounding/circling? Is LBRP not sufficient?

Hey there,

I’m wondering if someone could help clarify a concept I seem to have trouble grasping—grounding and “circling” or creating a circle for ritual.

I’ve done mostly sigil magick, and while I’ve done the LBRP recently, since I started doing the LBRP so far my sigils haven’t worked. There could be other reasons for this, as the new sigils have been date-specific or surrounded by lust for results, but it’s a connection I have noticed.

I’ll usually do the LBRP in one spot in my room then move to my desk area to make my sigil—should I be doing my magick inside the circle of the LBRP? If I am calling upon spirits to assist with my sigils, could I be banishing the very entities I need to manifest the sigil when I do the LBRP? Should I be doing something else before making sigil or making a circle for ritual in some other way?

Any guidance here would be great! I was planning on a ritual that wasn’t sigil magick for the lunar eclipse on Friday (the “powerful love spell” listed elsewhere on this forum), just want to do what I can to help manifest what I’m trying to accomplish.


If you’re talking about chaos magick sigils as opposed to spirit sigils, I usually don’t do a banishing but sometimes I’ll do the sword banishing from Magickal Protection before I create the sigil, and before I fire it. I don’t think the LBRP would be much different, because the purpose here is to banish unwanted energies before creating the sigil. Although, I would say that calling on a entity and then banishing would probably banish them, so do the banishing before you call on the entity and then proceed to create the sigil.


Oh I’ve been doing the LBRP like… every day.

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That is fine (although you might want to look into The Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, it’s meant to be done in the morning then the LBRP in the evening), banishing won’t make your sigils stop working, as long as you do the ritual before creating the sigil/calling on entities, so not RIGHT after you call on entities to help.


Oh I’ve been doing the LBRP like… every day.

do it. Doing the LBRP is like washing your face or brushing your teeth… Is like a cleansing. You banish random energies that might be around. you should also start doing the middle pillar.

you might want to look into The Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram



Okay so I’m confused—I should do the LBRP but not after a sigil? Like do y’all mean immediately after or just like that day or for the entire time the sigil is open? I’ll look into the LIRP though, thanks to you both!

by keeping the sigil open you probably mean a spirit sigil right? Try to just covering it while doing the lbrp if that helps. The use of the lbrp is to banish after all.
I have only one demonic sigil open in my room but i keep it hidden when im not using it

Oh I mean a chaos magick sigil

The one where you turn a phrase/intention into a symbol right? oh i usually burn those types of sigils after i charge them.

The LBRP will not affect a Spare style/Chaos sigil. That specific technique uses your subconscious mind for manifestation, not spirits.

However, if you believe it does affect the sigil, then that belief will affect the manifestation, so the simplest thing to do would be to increase the circle of the LBRP so that it encompasses the entire room, and work within it.