Grimorium verum lamen

Quick questions I’m really skeptical and not sure.


  1. Is this the “Lamen” you use for the spirits of the “GRIMORIUM VERUM” ?


  1. Also After I draw this character, I should draw the spirit’s sigil on back or reserve side of that character right?



My copy is packed as I’m moving, but it doesn’t look familiar off hand… :thinking:

Which spell is it from?

Do you have the page number and which version of the book you’re using? It’s out of copyright so several authors have republished it. My copy is by Tarl Warwick.

Mode note: I edited your post to remove the identifying name in the image, just as a safety precaution.

Now, I don’t know what edition you have (there are many editions, and I should probably write one to add to the mess.) but I’m just familiar with the big three characters aka, Astaroth, Lucifer and Beelzebub, and you can draw them on a sheet of paper and wear them as a lamen. (just this piece alone is overpowered, and you can create and destroy universes with that alone, but you probably should pay more attention to the other parts of the book if you want better control over the process)

I also know there is a Scrilin sigil. Some people have tried to get all the editions to work together somehow and cross-reference them. There are also seals for the minor spirits, but I doubt they generally work that well by themselves without some introduction from other spirits. They also have wands and such you must make in certain hours etc etc.

The book that I get this from is from Arundell Overman " The illustrated Grimorium Verum " page 47

I used Arundell Overman " The illustrated Grimorium Verum"