Grimoriom Vernum

Does anybody have experience working this grimiore? I know one guy that swears by it

What does the one guy say about it?

Honestly he said that its the real deal. It has animal sacrifice and everything. The school i came from befor this was always if you wanted the spirit to do sonething you paid them witg blood. My padrino always says do u think Chango needs a rooster? Or Sarabanda needs one? Theyre spirits if they wanted it they would take it. You give tgem blood to acvomplish what they have to do for u

The Grimoire Verum and Grand Grimoire (aka Dragon Rouge) are both grammars on how to make pacts to the Fallen Angels (Lucifer, Belzebut, and Astarot). If you understand how, you can also call these three from the Grimoire Armadel, which has sigils for them too.

The best working version of GV today is Jake Stratton-Kent’s Scarlet Imprint edition. Jake works with the Verum almost exclusively and has a Yahoo Group for others who work it too.

Side note: Grimoirium Verum is the foundation for the Kabbalist and Sufist part of Quimbanda.

Because you are Palero learning Ifa, you may be interested in how Brazilians practice Ifa (they call their Ifa Candomble the same way Cubans call it Lukumi or Santeria).

Candomble modifies into Quimbanda by incorporating the Grammar Verum into its Kabbalism and Sufism. Quimbanda is a little like 21 Divisions in Dominican Republic in that it has different nations (African Division, Native Indian Division, and Levantine Division, aka ATR, Natie rootwork, and Kabbalism/Sufism). In 21 Divisions, the African division is Haitian Vodun. In Quimbanda, the African division is Brazilian Ifa (Candomble) mixed with Palo and some Vodun.

If you’re interested in expanding your Ifa and Santeria study to incorporate Candomble and become a tata in Quimbanda, the Brazilian Ifa is not a far cry from what you are doing now.