Grimori/book of shadows

hey everyone hope your all doing well I just want to see how many people have their own personal germori/book of shadows.
what does your book look like?(cover only)
how far along are you in your book?
is your book specified towards one thing or is it full of random thing and knowledge?
Have you named your book?(you don’t have to answer this one I just put it in here because some people name stuff that is close to them)

I will go first since I brought it up.

I have 28 pages done so far.
It is filled with random notes,spells,knowledge,and demons, herbs, ect.
I call it the book of grim:volume 1


I love books and journals and notebooks, reading, researching, and writing, so I probably have a least 15 books currently in which I write random bits and pieces. I have at least three for genealogy/ancestor veneration. I have two for all things plant, soil, gardening, and homestead style simplicity. I have some for recording things about world religions and to write rants against the Big 3 god. I do have one specifically that I am writing all of my recent experiences and tidbits of knowledge in since I joined this forum. It doesn’t look like a BOS. It was a gift from my MIL and has bright roses all over it. :slight_smile:


Personally I’d never show my paperwork to others.

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well that why is said to only show the cover don’t show what you wrote in it that’s private

I have a few and they are quite plain- I like the black sketch books that come from craft stores. I think they’re made for drawing but they are perfect- pages hold all sorts of ink styles and nice hard cover you can decorate if so desired.


I’m not done with mine yet but my magickal journal looks pretty cool. It’s just a green leather note book with sharpie all over it.

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I was thinking about getting another book.

I have a loose leaf notebook. Sometimes I text myself notes, or draw maps with pictures on the computer, and then print and insert those pages. 90 percent is handwritten though

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25 - 26 notebooks since i started haha…


Here are my grimoire’s. The smaller one I started in high school, the bigger one 4 years ago.

And here’s the bigger one opened on some empty pages except for the thorns I put on every page to hide sigils and runes.

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