Grimoires on Soul Transmutation?

I’ve seen things about soul transmutation a couple of times on here, yet I don’t think I’ve ever actually read about it in a grimoire. Share a grimoire that talks about it if you now one.

There isn’t one. Soul transmutation is usually found in lores of the Gods doing such and on occasions some demonic forces and angels like Zadkiel. A grimoire won’t tell you how to do it seeing as it’s not something you can just do. Though personally I’d hate to see how modern grimoires fuck it up xD


It would be kinda nice is a grimoire would maybe at least mention the concept. Or refer to the legends/mythical stories of the various gods/etc who transmuted a human.

That would be better then claiming anything, more like just a brief mention - so then said person can do more solo research into it.

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The issue I have is mainly if a random “dark magician” does it or a random RHP does it mainly because both those tend to muddy everything -some- of them touch.

As someone whose entire practice is based around the soul and with transmutation it’s something I’m heavily passionate about lol.

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I defiently have an interest in the topic of soul transmutation. So I can see why one would be passionate, plus why wouldn’t souls be interesting??

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People like to muddy up what defines a soul in my opinion so it becomes more of a mental gymnastics.

Soul transmutation can be beautiful to watch but also in some cases weird af because you’re watching a person be stripped bare and changed into something else but who they are remains the same.

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I can see why that would be weird. How you can litterly change the soul without changing the person of the soul - the who.

There’s always going to be different views on what the soul is. So it’ll continue to be muddied as far as I can tell.


Ripped apart?


So how would you go about defining a soul?

You do soul transmutation with everything you do. Decide to focus on spiritual combat or physical combat? Transmuting yourself into a warrior.

Devoting yourself to intellectual studies occult or otherwise? Transmuting your soul into that of a scholar.

Why would you want your essence to be changed by something other than you?

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