Grimoire of the Damned Reviewed

When the student is ready the teacher appears. My connections to the Darkness multiplicate faster in the past several days than they have in the past several years. Thanks to BALG and PoD.

The (audio) Book of Azazel has been one of the delectable and nutritious meals feeding this neurogenesis. Three things in this work kept me riveted the past two days, cramming every one of the 309.47 minutes into my brain through my new ears. (He who has ears, let him hear what the spirit sayeth.)

  1. The book is well written. Many teaching/technical books take a bit of a push to read through because the aspects of story that naturally engage the brain are not present. With this grimoire, by the time I got to the demonic names and descriptions, they were so interwoven with the horrifying story that the technicalities I came to learn were themselves dripping with the awe, shock, fear, frustration and anticipation of the story.

  2. Mr. Koetting’s ability to share intimate raw details of this emotional journey made me know that these words were freighted with authenticity.

  3. My imagination was engaged with the grimoire aspects of the book. I’m looking forward to owning a hard copy that I can pore over with greater care and get to know which of these beautiful beings may find co-creative joy in my own experience.

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You can look it up on YouTube, download it from there

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