Grimoire Of Dark Defilement

My Upcoming Addition To The Beelzebub Compendium.

As many of you know I’ve been involved in a pathworking with Beelzebub, a hardcore & intense pathworking to say the very least.
Sweat, blood and tears went into the pages of my contribution to this wicked tome.

The Grimoire Of Dark Defilement.

In the upcoming text I have released “The Grimore Of Dark Defilement” wherein Beelzebub appeared to me as the grim dark defiler.
The lord of evil putrefaction and the chief of foul decay, he who wear the black crown of rot.

Beelzebub taught me some very controversial spiritual ideas which revolutionise the way we look at cleansing the self and shatters the illusion of the clean and the unclean.
Along with the song of rot, the chant of dark defilement, a song to issue into this world the putrid powers of infernal decay, dark defilement and evil putrefaction. As well as the variety of wielding such powers as a magician for both beneficial outcomes for the magus as well as baneful properties of said power.

I detail my long period of actual torture in hell, curses, the dark defiling alchemy and many more hidden grotesque gems which hold some of the darkest power known to man.

I will not reveal all here and now for there is much within my contribution, I’ve cut the long ass bullshit out of the way. I believe a great spiritual adept who is an author will keep his work compacted and will focus more on quality than quantity and that’s exactly what I promise to deliver.



Thats Incredible Brother,I cannot wait to read it when i have the chance.


Nice! Can’t wait when this comes out. Quick question : Do u think Beelzebub is considered to be draconian?

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Thanks man


Well that’s debatable although almost all the demons are attributed to the dragon, so in a sense all demons could be labelled Draconian in essence.


@C.Kendall I see. Thank u=)