Grimiorum Verum

What is this book about? What are people’s experiences with it?

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Grimoire which details how to summon demons.

Read it, good book.

Most of the traditional rituals require animal sacrifice, so it’s not really made for new age.
Haven’t done any of it myself, but it’s an excellent book to read if nothing else.

Is there a substitute for animal blood?

Some say yes, others say no.

The Grimoire also outlines skinning the animals also in order to use their skin for magick talismans, and I don’t think you can replace that.

All comes down to how traditional you want to work, I like tradition, others like new age.

I don’t call myself “New Age”. If anything, I’m “Alternative Age”. But that’s not an established thing. However, I do draw the line on harming another living being for my own gain. There are certain things I’m okay with questioning, but not torturing or killing a living creature for an ingredient is something I draw the line on.

A large majority of this forum believe that you can in fact summon the demons within this Grimoire without sacrifice, but as I said, I don’t know. I’ve never used it, traditional methods seem to work for me, it doesn’t for others.

You can replace everything with a will. Use leather from the craft store and consecrate it - this book is medieval, and full of blinds that are supposed to put people off. Ignore them.

For example, the spell for invisibility involves placing beans in the severed head of a person, burying it for weeks, then digging it up and putting them in your mouth to see if they make you invisible yet… I think if that whole spell isn’t one big blind to make people throw the book away in disbelief and disgust, it’s symbolism is very obscure.

It certainly doesn’t explain the energy movement or intention of the ritual - those would have been provided teacher to student with the initiation you need to understand what’s really going on in that book. Having experience with other grimoires and knowing that blinds and missing pieces were usually put in these books helps - you’ll have to replace and add bits yourself to make these rites work.

So, I say, look for the energy that’s wanted, edit it to suit and your magic will be your own and all the stronger for it. None of the animal sacrifice or weird-ass stuff is necessary - the will and intention applied to the idea behind them is,

And yes, you can use EAs techniques to talk to those entities pretty easily, and probably with better understanding than the author ever did. That this is a new age is relevant and significant - it means every human is born with higher vibration, the Earth has higher vibration, and magic is easier for us than it’s been in literally ages.


Written in the way it is to prevent you from its true purpose. The sacrifices are cloak.

Sure it requires sacrifice. Just dont be foolish thinking Wine Booze and Apples and Oranges alone will be enough. Its more than just slitting a chickens throat, it turns you into a sort of Alchemist having to deal with the various sacrificial offerings.

You arent going to get this knowledge by reading books or picking peoples brains, but rather by constant research as each magickal spell and evokation has a different requirements.

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