Grief of a childless parent

The best ways to deal with grief sorrow when your children leave home

It’s always hard at first but u r likely to adjust after sometime. All of your house will look like it’s missing it’s beauty Like it’s extended 2000sq feet.
Be always in contact with him(talk with him everyday).
Always be engaged in other activities also other than magic practices.
Try cooking.
Tell them your are missing them that will lift some weight from your heart and always ask them If they need any help .
Be engaged whenever you’re free in social media
, of course in this forum also.
If you re missing him really hard meditate while thinking about his memories and smile don’t get too emotional. (Try soul travel too his place.)
If it’s too bad try :beer:.
Cry, cry till you have the energy, my father have tried it
After crying sleep or see a movie to elevate mood,
It looks quite stupid but it’s real medicine.
Know that they are also happy and enjoying their life
they do love you but they only know how to live in this world if they live in this world, they will discover new things, they will fall and they will get up again
,they’ll find new love.
Although facing situation is very hard and we cannot imagine it till we face it. But it is part of life do not overthink and don’t spoil your health try some good music , and live in serenity.

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I suppose if a the children leave home, it is really difficult to adapt to a new life. Where a parent used to care for the children and have a ‘full house’ so to speak, now there’s empty rooms and silence.
While I can’t imagine what this is like and think no one can truly imagine how they will feel in a situation, until they are faced with it, I can only give advice to the best of my knowledge.

Probably one should try to see their children and call them as often as possible. Try to calm the grief by knowing that the children are well.
For the young adults it’s difficult too, because on one hand they enjoy their new freedom and opportunities, on the other hand they also miss their parents - at least I did.
I think trying to meet up as often as possible will help. The parents should also tell their children that despite the fact that they are adults now, living on their own, they can always count on the parents for anything. Trust me when I say, that even if the children know they can rely on their parents, it’s different when this is confirmed verbally.
Sometimes young adults try to deal with everything they face on their own, because they think they should be able to overcome anything alone, but the truth is, everyone whatever the age, needs help from time to time.

Something I want to add is that parents may start to feel they are without purpose, that they are not needed anymore.
However that’s not the case. Children always need their parents and their role in the child’s life doesn’t end here.

If you’re interested in working with a spirit to help you, I’d recommend Bestia as she is said to help comfort mothers especially those who’s children have a great destiny.

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