Gremory wow... all I did was meditate on her sigil for no more than 2 minutes and suddenly a load of my female friends are very receptive!

So I only really found out about Gremory the last couple of days. I went and downloaded two versions of her sigil online plus a very nice artwork someone made of her. I just opened up the sigil and gazed and meditated on it for 2 mins.

Literally the same evening, a load of my female friends and contacts (many of them attractive) have either messaged me or when I have struck up conversation with them via messenger, whatsapp, facebook etc… they seem incredibly receptive and chatty… as if I feel I’ve been given a huge number of extra attraction points lol If just gazing at her for 2 mins can provoke this I’m wondering what else can be done with her. My first thought may be to combine her with candle magick or put her under my pillow so I can sleep on her… also considered charging her more by wiping bodily fluids on her (not sure if that’s too strong a move first though) and probablyalso carry her with me in my pocket when going out.

Now I’m very interested in what other people have done to evoke and or draw on her powers?!