Gremory questions

Hello I have a question about Gremory. Is it possible that this demon makes me a womanizer? If I wear his amulet that was inaugurated? Can it make a lot of girls obsessed with me at the same time? Many thanks for your help

no entity or being or demons or angels can make you be anything or be what you want. Only you can do that by your own social skills and behavior/attitude. What they can do is bring up opportunity of knowledge for you to learn like guide you to someone who can teach you pick up seduction skills. etc… Too many people have misconception that demons control person to their desire. They can influence others to show up and have interest but it isn’t a hardcore they lust and attack you being controlled becuz they obsess with you. You still have to take physical real world action even if they create opportunity of someone liking you. Reality not fantasy. Be realistic and think in terms of common sense and you won’t be making things up. Objects can be consecrated for certain energy to attract what you want. It’s not gonna force anyone to do anything. It’s still up to you for the interaction. They can help send all these pretty girls to your door but if you treat them like trash. guess what? they will leave.

bottom line, it’s all mainly you. No one can control another’s action. Magick don’t work that way. That’s movie magick.



Yes it can happen , it is up to you to practice and experiment slowly and find out for yourself , try for small results first then expand


not false. reality. you can’t make another person kill another on the spot. CAst and poof, it happens right there and now.

you can’t wear a ring and every girl in sight jump your bones. that’s not reality.

No way a person will be a womanizer without working on self growth and skills of such. No one can cast a spell to be womanizer and poof they turn into one in an instant.

I think very good black voodoo masters would make me extremely attractive and a swarm of women by adapting my charisma accordingly. What’s your problem man.

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no problem. just telling you reality so you don’t go thinking crazy shit like movies magick are real. can’t handle the truth information? why you getting offended? some of us are honest and not just tell others what they want to hear.

yes, you can get someone to cast spell for you to be attractive. you still gonna have to do the work to interact in likable manner. Which is still action on your part.

the thing is, it won’t really work with just one amulet function, which you can just buy. it should be created for you where that is really old fashioned. simplest you are training a channel to talk to gremory about. and the point is that this will also end in work.

From etsy Frater setnakh

It sounds like what you’re looking for is more lust than relationships and love. You might want to try Sitri for that instead. In my own experience, Gremory is more for love and relationships. Sitri is more about the lust. In fact Gremory may use some experience to try and teach you what you are truly looking for in a relationship.

No single item will make miracles happen unless you are powerful enough. Though @anon37593562 has different opinions than I do, they are right to point out that you have to do some work as well. No magic works by you just wishing for something miraculous and waiting for it to fall in your lap.

For example, how many avenues do you have for meeting new people? If you stay at home all day and do a ritual to find a sexual companion, well… You might need to change how you do things. All magic requires you to change and grow and evolve. Or to face the results of the causes you effect.

There’s a search function on this forum. Plenty of experiences that challenge your beliefs of this limitation on what demons and magic can do. Up to you how you want to use that information. However, let us not try and force our own limitations on others in a magical forum with “becomealivinggod” in it’s name. Seems a bit counter-intuitive, don’t you think?

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I honestly have to say that I once had a pendant from Gremory and that I had a changed dark aura that sometimes robbed me of sleep. And I am sure that other people who are next to me also perceive this aura

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Robbed you of sleep?

@veneficus it goes both way don’t you think? over hyping what is reality possible can limit and waste time for learners too. how many here think magick is instant like the movie? too many with unrealistic expectations causing them to chase a ghost (metaphor). it’s called being realistic. I can guarantee you if you cast spell to control me to do a behavior directly, it ain’t gonna work. Magick can influence/ persuade not direct control. The wording matters . They are not interchangeable. EVen if one search the forum, there is no one spell that says direct outcome in instant. They all fall in the realm of influence /persuasion of their mind for action when it comes to affecting others. No way direct control that many expect when learning. The keyword ‘direct’ control. Not one spell fall in direct control. It’s always indirect or affecting circumstance to create opportunity for the goal.

To clarify what i mean by direct control. you hypnotize someone and they go into trance. You give suggestion to quack like a duck. then they quack like a duck in that moment. that’s what i mean by direct control. That is also what many new learners expect magick to be like too which i say isn’t so.

lol. i could of said that in the first place. darn. so wordy my explanation. haha.

To relate to this post. he got a spell cast on object for obsession. The people will not jump his bones. he also need to work on self . Action part of his . To also be likable. Many think all responsibility is the magick. That was what i was saying. It’s not desire fall in your lap when casting magick with no physical life living efforts.

You are correct. There is a balance that must be maintained. However, if no spells could directly
influence anyone, there wouldn’t be success stories of people doing exactly that. All those typical “get my ex back” threads, for example. Sure, most of them fail. But the ones that do succeed for reasons we can point to.

  1. Experience
  2. Skill
  3. Relationship with the entities worked with in the ritual
  4. Attitude and character of the operator

There are other factors that go into a successful working like that. All I’m saying is that we can do things that are “instant”. It’s just that they are typically not going to work for beginners. Hence my post earlier in this thread.

And yea, lol. I saw your clarification of “direct control” now as I’m typing this. In that case, yes. Though it is possible, there is no way a beginner is going to achieve that without some lucky crazy skill they didn’t know they had.

I guess our main point for the beginners is simply to believe anything is possible, but not without work. And the more “movie like” something is, the less likely you will be seeing results like that until you’ve got years of practice under your belt.

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yes those ex spells work. it’s still not directly working. How many trial and errror castin before one hit the mark? So it’s not directly meaning instant. haha. Maybe all the fail spells earlier are breaking down the ex’s will slowly until they cave in. It’s working indirectly influencing their minds, emotions. It’s not cast spell and they instantly run to you. There are behind scenes that need to take place and time factor.

Do you have his sigil?

Yes Gremory pendant