Gremory or sallos?

What’s the difference between these two spirits

To my knowledge Gremory is more geared toward women. I don’t know why or how valid that is seeing as I’ve never met her.

Duke Sallos secures love between two people and causes them to be faithful to each other. I have met the Duke and he is very warm and comforting and like an “uncle” figure.

I think the differences you’ll find is in their methods. Again, I know not of Gremory, but the Duke taught me to think loving thoughts and channel feelings of being in love if I wanted to draw love to my life. Once again, we loop back to the mind being the most powerful tool in the arsenal.


i feel like gremory has more focus on magick and sallos for love

V.K. Jehannum has their distinct differences and what they can do for you on his blog.

You can go check that out if you’d like.

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