Hello everyone!
My name is Viljami and i’m from Finland. I’m 23 years old. I’ve been lurking around this forum for a year or so and i’m currently interested in energy work. I have the ability to take an emotion and sustain it via my chakras (mainly heart and stomach) to feel good and i’ve been wondering what to do next on this subject and what is possible. My long term goals are astral projection and exploring what is explorable, perhaps work with demons at some point when i feel ready, to understand my mind to the fullest ( i can think non verbally and i want to know what this ability is called. It’s like a zip file that can contain abstract concepts and understanding them instantly). I’d be delighted if someone could help me with the subjects mentioned beforehand and help me gain insights on my gimmicks.
Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience in magick beyond energy work?

I’m a beginner at other magick . Energy work seems to be the thing working best right now.

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Welcome :blush:

Hmm could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean?

I’m not sure how to describe it better. It’s like an instant knowing of concepts. + It is totally quiet so it can be sometimes difficult to notice. It’s also not thinking with images. Intuitive knowing is the best i can describe it but i fear that even that is not right. It’s like a whole language with limitations and possibilities. Sometimes when i try to think like it, my thinking turns into verbal thinking and i’m sure that it’s because the “silent language” doesn’t contain the same words as the languages we know. Thats how i can describe it.

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Hmm I think I know what you mean. Understanding concepts without inner speech is an ability most people have as the brain understands concepts and thinks much faster, already before we’ve formed all the words. But most people are trained to think verbally, although they would notice that they already understand the concept before they’ve talked about it with their inner speech. So one of the important steps to speed reading is learning to quiet the inner speech. Is that what you mean?

I think he means clairsentience.


Yes i think that it is what you said. Still i find it peculiar that i don’t really need the inner speech anymore, the silent knowing is enough for me. I guess that i’ve developed it far enough for it to be dominant thinking process in my head. It reveals much more about things than verbal thinking and i notice things/matters instantly, which feels great.

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