Hello everyone, let’s get this introduction down quick and simple, no beating around the bush. (I like to keep my posts upbeat and casual, bear with me if this feels a bit annoying but when stuff gets too heated I like to be able to get away without making things feel like a big deal. )

My “name” is Reyen, 23y/o, taurus sun/ pisces moon/scorpio ascending, gender isn’t that important. The amount of knowledge and resources have drawn me to this site. The fields I mainly practice on are Psionics and herb magick, but I tend to dabble in everything because why not? I’m still finding myself in the midst of the myteries of the universe, and would love any energy scanning(etc) done on me so I may know myself better.

Annnnd, that’s it. I look forward to devouring every single drop of knowledge on this site, Thank you.

-Curiousity kills the cat but satisfaction brought it back.


How long have you practiced?

Psionics: Around 3 years. Ever since I’ve first heard of the term. But I’ve always been able to notice energy(psi), patterns and outcomes before I knew what it was.

Herbs: Is a passion of mine, in both magick and in cooking/teas. Since I work in the field of food.

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Thank you for answering :slight_smile: