As requested here comes my introduction.

I experienced various psychic phenomena through my life without paying much attention, just scuffing them off as fantasy/not real.

Only in my mid twenties did I finally accept that my world view had to change and encompass the spiritual and magical aspect of reality because I experienced yet another psychic phenomena, which was this time verified, in detailed manners to the letter (other things had been verified before, but not as convincingly and detailed), by other people later.
So many detailed that I had seen and felt telepathically and then verified. To my rational evidence based mind, this could NOT be a coincidence, so there HAD to be more hidden behind the veil so to speak.

Alright so I started taking these things more seriously, and eventually started magical training, which is fairly new to me, but I am currently working on it and it is a thrilling journey, never ending I expect. Meditation, visualization exercises, general awareness practice throughout the day, specific rituals and experimentation is what I do at the moment.

So yea that’s it for now and cheers,


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What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

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Hey Thanks,

I have been following Quareia for a 1 year, doing exercises in module 1. The course is free, you can check all the content online.

Then I have practiced a little bit the Inner Guide meditation.

Now I have paused the course to experiment with some other stuff. Now I am honing The Qabalistic Cross Ritual and The Rose Cross Ritual everyday and I am using rituals from Magickal Protection by Damon Brand, angelic protection magick by Ben Woodcroft everyday, pathworking through Lucifer and the Hidden demons by Theordore Rose, Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand, 7 occult money rituals by Henry Archer and I have been using visions and rituals from The exorcist’s Handbook by Josephine Mccarthy and some other books…

But other than that I am personally not dividing my life in general and magical training so much.
Rather my life is my training and life experiences them selves can be the greatest forms of initiation into the mysteries according to my experience, philosophy and opinion (for example if you develop natural visionary skills during your life, which enables you to go and visit any spirit or place by means of intention, focus and magical imagination then you don’t need much ‘formal magical training’ and then when can it be said that this magical training then occurred?.. it was just life happening…). Ok to give an example, maybe the most intense ‘magical training’ I ever did is not listed above, but occurred many years ago when meditated 6-8 hours per day for 6 months in complete isolation, which awoke psychic abilities and senses even without seeking them, which has been crucial to any magical practice thereafter. Other than that then my state of mind and way of doing mundane things and developing awareness and focus in my mind everyday may seem like the most important foundation training for magic if you ask me.
And these things have been going on for many years, so it can be difficult to answer precisely how many years I have been ‘practicing’, depending on which definition and box you use for ‘magical training’.