Hello my brothers and sisters on the path. I have been a follower of BALG for quite some time, and have finally decided to get more involved with this forum, so this is my formal introduction.
I have been practicing one form of the occult or another for the last twenty years. I would have to say I am an eclectic practicioner, focusing on Witchcraft, Luciferianism, Goetiac Ritualism, and a few other practices including Shaminism and Zen. I have always believed that knowledge is power, so I have studied many different things and adopted what I could use, and discarded the rest.
As always, I am trying to expand my understanding of the occult, which is why I have chosen to become involved with this forum.
I will keep this short, but feel free to message me with questions or comments. I am always interested in talking to others who seek the hidden wisdoms.

Awesome intro, you must have been paying attention :eyes: lol


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