Fellow Left-hand path magician here.

I work with anything related to the Goetia, Sumerian mythology, Necromancy, Blood magick, and I am interested in all things philosophy, history and occult.

If you wish to speak more and trade pdfs or evocation and ritual ideas and thoughts, concerns or realizations through your occult practice I’d appreciate if you messaged me directly.

Hail Lucifer!

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Hello! It should be here: Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum - #4476 by Orpheus

i believe people can introduce themselves like this now as well.

right? @DarkestKnight

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Yes, new members can make stand alone introductions as long as they do it in the proper New Magician & Introduction section.

However, if intros are done anywhere else such as in threads other than the Intro thread, flag it as off topic so the moderator can move it to the proper place.