Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum. I’ve been looking for a good place to discuss magick and the like (especially darker topics), and after a disastrous attempt to do so on Discord, a friend recommended this forum to me.
I’m 35, male, and I have been practicing and studying a wide range of magick for most of my life. I’m a recent transplant to Northern Europe from the USA - I moved before the pandemic hit to be with family.
I consider myself pagan, but of no particular path.
As far as magick goes, currently I am interested in Goetic pathworking, traditional witchcraft, hoodoo, and magickal practices of East Asian cultures.
I hope to get to know you all well, and that we learn much from each other.


Welcome to the forum.

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What do you currently practice?

Do you have any experience in any particular systems or traditions?

Currently my practice has elements of ancestor worship, Taoist and shamanistic practices in general and working with the draconic current.
As for particular systems/traditions, yes: heka, chaos magick, Taoist magick and demonolatry are the main ones.

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Welcome bro! I like your range, plus your style
:stuck_out_tongue: hope to hear more from you