Hello there. Where to start? I am a female in my 40’s and I guess I am “into magic” since I was a teen. I never could understand the christian view of demons and angels, never was on board with the simple “demons are evil angels are good”, lets just say my experiences were different.

Why I am here in this forum? Well around christmas King Paimon made it very clear that that he wants to work with me or me working with him. :smiley: Although I knew the Goetia, I didn’t really work with it and I didn’t know who King Paimon was. But I searched the internet and among other pages I found this forum. Yesterday I decided to join.

At the moment King Paimon and Great Prince Sitri, who shortly after King Paimon kind of made himself present in my life are the two I mainly work with.


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum

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