Hey lovelies! My name is Clementine, I’m 23 and am from Singapore. I am currently working with 3 demons that my mentor has suggested to me and would like to explore further with you guys here.

Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

How nice to have a new face among us. Feel very welcome.
I hope you find the knowledge you seek here :slight_smile:

Greetings and welcome!!
I’m from Indonesia, nice to see a fellow South East Asian here hehe

Welcome @goofybozo

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it? You haven’t really told us anything about your experience in magick.

-Occult persona I tried so hard to create left the chat-
Why you gotta do me like that?

There are a lot of helpful posts and people who are willing to help in this forum.
Don’t forget to use the search function for everything you may want to learn. If you don’t find something similar, ask away.

Yes hello, so silly of me. I have just started practising demonolatry about a month ago after I got in touch with a black witch. Before that, I deal with spirits for a few years.

No way?? The Clementine from the WALKING DEAD game??

Welcome to the forum!

hahaha! Why not Deputy Clementine from Reno 911?

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Right I guess you will have to start calling Deputy Johnson

Haha oops