Greetings to all

Glad to be here finally, as several weeks I have been reading topics on this site even with my cellphone.
My name, I guess it just wants to say where I am located by IP. Site owner can find out if there is a need of it.
I have been looking around for Demons several years and also made my own site, of course it is in my language, not english, if anyone wants to see, it is at noiamarkmik dot net. Haven`t added anything there last years.

Welcome to the forum.

Please tell us a bit more about yourself. What type of magick do you practice? How long have you been practicing? What brought you here?

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Hey hey, what type of magic I practice - I wish I could answer that question - I don? t know that, it just comes sometimes to mind from somewhere. Anyway, I would not be searching if that would be something really big :slight_smile:
Here brought me google: was searching there for Demons, found several posts here and site was telling me that : You seem to enjoy posts but haven`t made an account jet - something like that :blush:

So you’re not a practitioner? Cool.

We’re pretty beginner friendly here and you will find a lot of information to answer any questions you have, so feel free to make copious use of the search function in the upper right of the screen. It’s the little magnifying glass.

We are happy to answer any questions not found by searching. Have fun sliding down the rabbit hole of BALG! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: Yes I would like to find out many things, who has been behind what and who tells me sometimes what needs to be done. I have been investigating and now am after to call out one who never lies, would be good to ask him about things or?


I’m not sure I understand what you are asking.

Is there a specific spirit you are looking for? Are you looking to identify a spirit that is following you?

Yes, since I was born is something after me, when I was kid and was young I thought that everyone has one who helps to solve some problems, keeps away from accidents etc.
One example. I got tendonitis, right arm was so painful that could not pick it up even to switch the light in one or another room. Doc said must plaster it. Then suddenly i got some knowledge that i must do squares on paper and to write there specific letters in every cell and then grease with fat and place it on most painful place on arm and tie up. Little by little hand got better until everything got just fine, it took about one week.

Do you meditate?

Quiet your mind and then simply call out to the spirit following you to make itself known. Ask it to identify itself.

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