Greetings. New member from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hello everyone,

You may call me Raven, I’m in my early 30s from Malaysia. I was brought up a Muslim, and sometimes I live with my muslim family whenever I go back to Kuala Lumpur on weekends or if I’m on leave. I am very interested in the craft since my late teens (Wicca), but after awhile I had internal conflicts with my faith and practicing Wicca at the same time back then so I stopped for many years. Just a few months ago I had this spark of interest again (can’t think of a better phrase to describe it), and somehow came across black witch coven videos on youtube which then directed me here. It was the first time ever I’ve heard about the left hand path and black magick explained which made sense to me, and I could accept it. I just was never open about the idea before when I was practicing Wicca. I got so interested in Lady Savannah’s videos and wanted to know more, that’s how I got to find out about BALG through BWC’s website, just purchased the Black Magick course shortly after. I’m still going through the videos, E.A. Koetting is awesome I’m liking his style and teaching method so far. I hope to be able to ascend to my fullest potential in both black magick and in the mundane world. It would be nice to get to know more people in this circle too. Thanks :slight_smile:



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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum :blush:

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Welcome!! Hello from Indonesia ^^
We are pretty much neighbors hehe…
I come from a muslim family too!

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Welcome! :smiley:

This might be useful if you can’t use tools while staying with family: